About Us

OneLeaf is a new Indian venture that trades in the finest Assam and Darjeeling estate teas and delivers the purest tea straight to your home. OneLeaf was founded by two working professionals who shared a passion for tea in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Tea is more than just a beverage for tea connoisseurs; it is a source of joy and relief.


At OneLeaf, our goal is to develop the finest mix of teas and to provide an exclusive taste, rich aroma, and exquisite flavour. We have established high-quality guidelines, and each tasting is subjected to extensive analysis in our lab by our skilled team, ensuring that each sip is exotic and wonderful. We also provide our valued customers with bespoke mixes and packaging based on their tastes and preferences.


Our goal is to provide tea drinkers with a cup of freshness and flavour. A sip of our preservative-free, natural blends can refresh and energise you for the day. We get our teas directly from the tea estates, cutting away the middlemen and preserving customer-friendly pricing.

Why OneLeaf?

Handpicked and Fresh Teas

Safe & Hassle Free Payment Gateway

Organic and Finest Quality of Tea