The Buzz Around Tea Bags:

A Tasty Guide to Infusion Bliss! Tea is one of the oldest and most widely consumed beverages in the world, with a rich history dating back thousands of years. Though its origins are uncertain, tea was first introduced to China from India in the 3rd century AD. Today, tea is enjoyed by people all over the globe; In fact, it’s estimated that over 1 billion cups of tea are consumed daily!

While there are many different ways to prepare tea, one of the simplest and most popular methods is using tea bags. Tea bags were first introduced in 1908 by Thomas Sullivan, an American who sent out samples of his loose leaf teas in small silk bags. His customers found brewing their own cup of tea much easier using these little pouches, and so Sullivan began mass-producing them for sale. Since then, they have become a staple item not just in America but also around the world.

So what exactly is a “tea bag?” A traditional tea bag is made from paper or cloth that has been sewn into a small pouch (usually rectangular or square-shaped). The pouch contains dried leaves or herbs (known as “tea blend”) which will infuse into hot water to create a delicious cup of brewed iced or hot beverage. Nowadays you can find all sorts of different shaped sachets containing everything from chamomile flowers to green oolong – perfect for any taste!

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